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Any pupil who qualifies for admission should present his entrance credential, accomplish all necessary forms and pay the down payment during the registration period.

Kindergarten - Preparatory

  • Children who are baptized Catholic who will turn 4 and 5 years old on or before the first day of classes in June, shall be admitted to the Kindergarten 1 and preparatory programs respectively.
  • Original copies of the child's birth and baptismal certificates are requirements for admission. They will be passed on to the Grade One teachers durig the registration period of the next School Year.
  • Preschool graduates are entitled to automatic adission to Grade One.

Grade One

  • Children who are baptized Catholic and who will turn 6 yeears old on or before the first day of class in June shall be admitted in Grade One.
  • Original copies of the Child's birth and baptismal certificates are requirements for admission.
  • Only the parents or guardians of the applicants shall be given the application form at the office of the Principal.
  • Readiness for Grade One shall be determined by the standardized mental ability test. The test result is the only objective criterion for determining admission. Names of qualified applicants will be posted on the Bulletin Board during enrollment period.

Old Pupils And Transferees

Old pupils should register and pay their annual and other fees during the enrollment period which is usually held on the third week of May.

A pupil is enrolled officially only after payment of fees and other school obligations and submission of duly approved Registration Card.

Admission of transfereed highly depends on the vacancy in each grade. Application shall be made at the Principal's Office.

Transferees seeking admission withn the school year shall be required the following:

  1. Form 138 duly accomplished until the grading school period attended in the previos school attended.
  2. Certification of enrollemnt from the principal of previous school attended of transfer is sought before the first grading period.
  3. Certification of good conduct from the principal.
  4. No transfereed will be admitted after the month of December of the current school year.