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Admission and Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment to the High School Department of the Divine Word College of San Jose is open to boys and girls of any nationality, political affiliation. However, the school has the right to refuse admittance or re-admittance to students as defined by the school's rules and regulations contained in this handbook. A non-Catholic who enrolls at DWCSJ High School Department is required to attend religion classes.

New Students (First Year)

  • Must pass the Entrance Examination
  • Submit the following:
    1. Elementary Report Card (F-138 A) duly signed by the Elementary School Principal
    2. Two (2) copies of ID-sized photos.
    3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate.
    4. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Principal or Class Adviser.

Old Students:

  • All bonafide students of the DWCSJ High School may be re-admitted to the next curriculum year provided they meet the academic and the school requirements. Students are recommended either for admission, non-admission, or probation depending on their prebious school records. There are two kinds of probation: Academic probation and Disciplinary probation. Students under probation are required to see the Principal accompanied by their parents/guardian before they are enrolled in the following year.
  • Submit Report Card (F-138)

Transferees (2nd - 4th year)

  • Must pass the Entrance Examination
  • Must pass the interview by the Prefect of Discipline and/or by the Principal
  • Submit the following:
    1. Report Card (F-138)
    2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
    3. Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate
    4. Recommendation from the Principal of the school last attened if the transfer is at the middle of the school year.

Alien Students:

  • Submit the following:
    1. photo copy of Alien Certificate of Registration, the original of which whould be presented for verification.
    2. permit to study secured from the DepEd.
    3. photo copy of the passport.
  • Must pass the Entrance Examination or its equivalent.